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Europa’s Kohle ‚Comeback’

„Nach 30 Jahren utopischen Träumens geht Europas Energiepolitik in Flammen auf“, hieß es in einer britischen Zeitung. Hier nur die Artikel eines Tages aus britischen Zeitungen:

German operators prepare to fire up decommissioned coal plants
Clean Energy Wire, 7 March 2022

Europe’s Coal Comeback: Will the Ukraine war derail the green energy transition?
Financial Times, 8 March 2022

EU to phase out Russian gas, oil, coal imports – leaders’ draft
Reuters, 7 March 2022

US lawmakers reach bipartisan deal to ban Russian energy and limit trade
The Washington Times, 7 March 2022

Biden called to unleash shale to counter energy crisis
Bloomberg, 4 March 2022

70% of American favor increased U.S. oil and gas production
Rasmussen Report, 7 March 2022

David Frost: With energy prices rocketing – we need to get real. And get cracking on fracking
The Sun, 8 March 2022
Charles Moore: Why block energy wells just when we need them?
The Daily Telegraph, 8 March 2022

WSJ: Biden’s Bizarre Oil Diplomacy
The Wall Street Journal, 8 March 2022

Noah Rothman: Biden’s energy policy: Rewarding tyrants to fight tyranny
Commentary Magazine, 7 March 2022

In Deutschland bereiten sich Elektrizitätsversorgungsunternehmen auf einen größeren Bedarf an Kohleverstromung vor.